Sweet Sensations

Sweet Sensations: Satisfy Sugar-Coated Cravings with these Delicious Desserts

d.k. Steakhouse

It’s unlikely you’ve ever had this famous fireside treat in quite the same fashion. Made exclusively for Valentine’s Day, the S’mores Bar is a perfect way to celebrate your love. Savor the incredible layers of sweet graham cracker crust, chocolate brownie, chocolate mousse and torched marshmallow top. Mix the one-of-a-kind s’more with an unbelievable homemade strawberry ice cream that truly pops and is arguably one of the best features of this dish. Share the crisp homemade tuille (French vanilla wafer) shaped as a cup for the ice cream and a heart that sits on top of the s’more to add even more delight to this decoratively crafted dessert. And, of course, the restaurant, located at the Waikiki Beach Marriott, offers an assortment of other goodies year-round for you and your loved one.


Mahina & Sun’s

Executive chef Erik Leong has done it again. He’s crafted yet another delicious concoction at the ultra-trendy Mahina & Sun’s, tucked inside the Surfjack Hotel & Swim Club. Packing a pretty pleasant punch, the dishes at this Ed Kenney restaurant are centered around fresh ingredients combined with exceptional, flavorful extras. The Salted Caramel Banana Pudding is a prime example. Leong whips up a delectable vanilla pastry cream blended succinctly with fresh, melt-in-your mouth bananas. This bowl of saccharine heaven is accompanied with a homemade double chocolate cookie sprinkled with cacao nibs and drizzled with caramel sauce.


Fresco Italian Restaurant

You can’t go wrong ordering one of Italy’s most celebrated desserts at Fresco, a premiere Waikiki Italian restaurant. The eatery, located in one of O‘ahu’s most happening hubs at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, serves a heaping slice of traditional tiramisu with sensational texture and consistency. Tiramisu Hawaiano is precisely crafted with dewy lady finger biscuits, divine mascarpone cream and Kona coffee caramel sauce. To say Fresco’s signature dessert and all its flavors fuse together in an exquisite manner is an understatement. This dish is a lovely conclusion to any meal at this elegant, yet casual, south shore dining establishment.


M.A.C. 24-7

Make sure you save room for this delicious delight. Better yet, make it a point to head to this eatery, open 24/7, at the Hilton Waikiki Beach, for the primary purpose of ordering the Donut Split Sundae. Share it with a friend or splurge on this sumptuous dessert by yourself. Just make sure your belly has extra space and forget about calorie counting. Allow your taste buds to enjoy this treat made with a donut that’s fried in-house and piled skyhigh with whip cream and Lappert’s vanilla ice cream. Other luscious additions include chocolate drizzle, chunky Oreo crumbles, cinnamon sugar and a liliko‘i glaze that combine for an even greater confectionary festival.


Buho Cocina Y Cantina

Almost too beautiful to eat, Búho’s Caramelized Avocado Brulée is a work of art. This creative dessert was created by culinary master, chef Arturo Silva, who, instead of placing the creamy custard inside a ramekin, tucks it into a sliced avocado. The dessert has a sensational, crisp, caramelized sugar layer that cracks open into a luxurious center. Topped with a scoop of Kona coffee ice cream meant to resemble the avocado’s seed, this extra adds more unparalleled flavor to the unique menu item. While you might not think of avocado as a dessert food it is an ingenious way to add Mexican flair to a traditional French dessert. The pear-shaped fruit adds extra smoothness to this already delightfully velvety treat.