Soup’er Salad

Soup'er Salad


Hawaiian Pho Noodles


Made with local pork and greens from a third-generation family operation in Hawai‘i Kai, Otsuji Farm, this Hawaiian-style pho noodle bowl makes for great, Island-inspired comfort food. Accompanied with fresh herbs, locally harvested basil and cilantro, and packed with wholesome goodness, this Asian dish is a hefty portion of hearty ingredients that will satiate your belly. A great thing about the restaurant is that it’s open from 6:30 a.m. to 11 p.m., so even if you’re not craving a warm bowl of noodles, there are plenty of other breakfast, lunch and dinner options to choose from.


House Salad With Quinoa

Besides a gorgeous view of the ocean and warm salty air to accompany your meal, Kai Market offers fresh, flavorful dishes like House Salad With Quinoa. Local greens are mixed with ingredients such as zesty watermelon radishes and locally grown Kamuela tomatoes, and paired with the sweet pop of papaya and salty punch of feta cheese. The quinoa adds an extra essence to this simple but flavorful salad that’s yummy even without any dressing.


Cobb Salad

This mountain of goodness is piled high with all the classic ingredients you’d expect in a hearty Cobb salad—tangy tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, fresh mixed greens, shredded cheese and eggs, and the finest gourmet bacon and turkey breast. Choose a traditional blue cheese dressing to accompany your salad or any of the others offered at this New York style deli. In addition to its luxurious salads, this casual restaurant is perfect for families and has menu items for everyone, from pizzas to hamburgers, as well as plenty of local favorites.


Crab Ramen With Asian Truffle Broth

Save your appetite for this decadent dish. Served with a heaping portion of melt-in-your-mouth fresh crab, the ramen is perfectly seasoned with cilantro, Thai basil and mild jalapeños. The truffle flavor in the broth gives an extra kick to the combination of ingredients in this warming mixture that’s soothing for the soul. Also, this dish pairs well with the Seared Ahi Salad crafted with delicious locally caught fish and served over a bed of greens lightly drizzled with Sansei’s signature soy sesame vinaigrette.


1849 Spicy Ramen

Eating House 1849, located at the International Market Place, is noted for incorporating Hawai‘i’s many cultural flavors. For example, this Asian ramen dish is made in traditional fashion, served with a rich sesame broth, pork belly, dumplings and topped with a soft egg. The things that make eating in Hawai‘i so unique are dining establishments like this one where you can try a combination of Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese and Filipino-style dishes. And if you have a hankering for warm soup during the “chilly” winter eves in Waikiki, then this is your spot for tasty authentic edibles.