Going Raw

Most people think of raw food and immediately assume sushi, or possibly a simple salad. But there is much more to the world of raw foods. Cured meat, fresh seafood, cheese, and herbs and fruit are all items that are not always cooked. Read on for more information about a few raw plates Waikiki has to offer.



Cevich an Oyster

buhoTraditional ceviche is cured, raw seafood with citrus juice like lemon or lime, popular in coastal regions of Mexico. Each order of ceviche from Búho is made fresh, which is why it’s so flavorful. Búho has three types of ceviche on the menu including a Peruvian ceviche with fish and octopus, Kauai shrimp ceviche, and the award-winning ceviche with yellowtail tuna, Serrano pepper, apple cider reduction, and pickled watermelon rinds. In addition to these raw savories Búho serves fresh oysters with a specialty house sauce.


Cured Meat and Caprese Salad


There’s something beautiful in the simplicity of joining sliced tomato, mozzarella, basil and balsamic vinegar to form a caprese salad. The flavors in Il Lupino’s caprese salad come together perfectly in an unassuming yet delicious starter. Also available as a starter is a selection of cured meats and cheese. Mix and match from an extensive list of options to create the perfect plate.


Acai Bowl

buhoThe Brazilian superfood acai has found a new home in Waikiki. Acai bowls are common on breakfast menus here, and Goofy has one of the best. This colorful bowl starts with a bed of granola, then is topped with a frozen acai puree. It’s finished off with fresh seasonal fruit like pineapple and banana. It tastes like eating dessert for breakfast, and the best part is it’s actually good for you!





No raw food article would be complete without at least one sushi restaurant represented. Miyako at the New Otani Kaimana Beach hotel makes outstanding sushi. The California roll and rainbow roll are top sellers with great flavor. Miyako also has sashimi and nigiri sushi for those who prefer smaller portions. Dining at Miyako is an intimate experience, and the outdoor section has stunning views of Kaimana Beach.