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Executive Sous Chef Danny Chew
Executive Sous Chef Danny Chew

RumFire is a frequented spot by residents who know their way around the Hawaii food scene. It has great food, happy hour pricing, ocean views, upbeat music, and, often, a line out the door on weekend nights. Basically, it’s the place to be. Every Honolulu resident knows how to get there.

That RumFire fame doesn’t phase Executive Chef Danny Chew, part of the culinary team at the Sheraton since 2010, who applies his diverse upbringing in the Hawaiian Islands to RumFire’s eclectic menu.

The Nam Khao isn’t a regular menu item—and you’d be hard pressed to find it elsewhere. Traditionally a bar food of Thailand, Chef Danny says it represents the local Hawaii culture; casual, social, flavorful and with its own traditions. Chef Danny’s version of this traditionally Thai dish has a richer flavor profile, with the Lao crispy rice packed into a ball with fish sauce, Thai chili, ginger, garlic, lemongrass and sugar, with a delightful presentation.

It’s just one of the many innovative, fresh-ingredient creations in RumFire’s ever-changing repertoire.