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Executive Chef Keigo Yoshimoto
Executive Chef Keigo Yoshimoto
Favorite Dish: Hawaiian Pho Noodles

Locals were surprised last year when the old Mexican dive at the Shoreline Hotel was replaced by an island lifestyle-themed restaurant, and were immediately dazzled by its down-to-earth décor, farm-to-table ingredients, indoor/outdoor seating and, of course, the healthy-yet-flavorful breakfast dishes served all day. It was love at first bite. With combinations of quinoa, salad, fresh-squeezed juice and açai or pittaya (dragonfruit) bowls, Chef Keigo Yoshimoto creates dishes that are healthy, organic, and guaranteed to leave you feeling better than you arrived, like taking the heavy, Hawaii classic Loco Moco and turning into a healthy, feel-good favorite.

Heavenly’s Organic Veggie & Beans Loco Moco
Heavenly’s Organic Veggie & Beans Loco Moco: a perfect, soft egg resting on a beef patty with organic vegetables, beans and black rice.