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Hau Tree Lanai

Executive Chef Rene Caba
Executive Chef Rene Caba
Favorite Dish: Furikake Ahi Burger

Hau Tree Lanai is where you go to have it all, with incredibly flavorful breakfast choices, seated beneath Waikiki’s historic hau trees, with a dream-like ocean view across Kaimana Beach. With the soft breeze ruffling the leaves overhead and traces of sand underfoot, it’s a wonder how Chef Rene Caba creates such dynamic flavors to match, but he continues to do so even after more than 20 years.

Chef Rene and his team have earned Hau Tree Lanai the Hale ‘Aina Award, three consecutive OpenTable awards and Honolulu Weekly Reader’s Choice Award for Best Beachside Dining.

Super Kaimana Benedict
Super Kaimana Benedict: all-natural petite filet of beef, foie gràs infused mushroom spread, lobster meat and poached eggs on grilled English muffins topped with hollandaise sauce, served with breakfast potatoes.