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Blue Water Shrimp

blue-shrimpWhat started off as a humble shrimp truck has grown two additional and permanent locations—thankfully, one of those locations is in the Hilton Hawaiian Village Rainbow Bazaar. Garlic shrimp, Brazilian lobster, tuna poke, seafood salad, crab legs, fish tacos, garlic clams, mahimahi, salmon—you name the seafood, and you’ll get the best of it at Blue Water Shrimp. Beautifully plated, perfectly seasoned and with land-lubber- friendly options like steak, guava barbecue chicken, kalua pig nachos, and all kinds of combinations, with a side of seasoned rice and salad.

You don’t have to drive all the way to the North Shore for exceptional garlic shrimp. It’s right here. Cooked and served in the shell for the richest flavor, with a satisfying portion size, two heaps of white or brown rice, salad, sweet corn and a pineapple slice, just to give you that fruity zing finale. Order your shrimp mild, medium or spicy—just be careful what you wish for! Make it a garlic shrimp and steak combo and prepare for a tender, juicy and filling meal.

Garlic Shrimp and Lobster Tail Combo. Above: Fish Tacos.

If you’ve already tried the garlic shrimp and want to try something different, choose from lobster, crab legs, fish tacos with mahimahi, tuna and salmon, seared ahi, calamari steak or garlic clams. The list goes on, and every choice is a winner, whether you’re eating there or taking it out to the beach or back to your hotel. You can even swing by the nearby ABC store for the complete and casual BYOB dining experience.

Be careful not to walk right past it! The walkway in the Rainbow Bazaar cuts between the ordering area and the outdoor seating—and it’s definitely worth stopping for. It’s a favorite lunch spot for nearby hotel employees, with often-extravagant, tasty daily specials (like ahi gyoza with macadamia nut, pesto ponzu and sriracha aioli—wow!) and even exceptional desserts, like the signature bread pudding.

It takes something very special for a food truck to succeed and establish permanent locations, especially prime locations like Waikiki and Ala Moana Center, and it’s easy to see how Blue Water Shrimp has done it. Consistently fresh and exquisite seafood preparation is the ideal, and Blue Water Shrimp nails it.