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Aloha Table

a-paradise-for-island-fareThe modest appearance and hidden location of Aloha Table inspire humble expectations, only to astound. Very popular with visitors from Japan, who must have the inside scoop we’ve been missing, Aloha Table serves up American comfort food and Asian-style dishes and accomplishes what many others cannot—turning every dish into a new, island-inspired creation. You could call it Pacific Rim Fusion, or Eclectic Western.

The comfortable setting, with indoor and outdoor seating, a quaint wooden bar area, hospitable staff and a killer happy hour, draws you in, but the creative comfort dishes, fruity and flavorful accompaniments and handmade Maui Gold pineapple pina coladas, served in the pineapple, will keep you coming back for more. Even already-local style dishes are kicked up a notch, like the premium loco moco.

All loco mocos are not created equal. A traditional loco moco consists of a hamburger patty on white rice, topped with gravy and a sunny-side-up egg. Pretty standard, pretty delicious and almost always a winner. Aloha Table’s “premium” loco moco, on the other hand, takes the prize, dedicates the award to its friends and family and builds a foundation for future generations. It’s that good. The gravy is dark and rich, with subtle hints of coffee and chocolate, and the kobe beef is flavorful and perfectly, lightly charred, with local mushrooms and caramelized onions on al dente rice.

Nearly any selection is perfect for either a hot Hawaiian night or a little taste of home. Aloha Spicy Wings are a more tender take on the classic buffalo wings, while the acai bowl and mango pudding are fresh, flavorful, refreshing options, perfect for a feel-good yet indulgent day in Waikiki.

This secret spot may not be a secret for long.