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First or last, any time is the right time for dessert. In fact, studies show that moving your date to multiple locations in a single day or evening enhances your bond, tricking your brain into thinking you’ve been on multiple dates—not just one. (This study is totally real, we promise.) So what better way to satisfy your sweet craving, and your sweetie, than a romantic dinner, a beachside stroll, and a sweet treat for the cherry on top of a beautiful evening?

Premium ingredients and show-stopping flavors don’t end at the entrees, at least not in Waikiki. Whether you’re changing venues or just saving room for dessert, you’ll find these restaurants may be saving the best for last.

bills Sydney

bills-sweetWhite Chocolate and Pistachio Pavlova. Perhaps named for the ballerina, this pavlova can only be the result of unmatchable expertise. White chocolate, bits of pistachio, strawberries and a rosewater yoghurt cream perform a ballet of flavor; fluffy and crisp yet soft and elegant, gracefully melting on your tongue. It pairs best with an Aussie-style coffee, or a rosé.


kaiwa-sweetPineapple Sorbet with Ginger Jam. The creative and contemporary style of Kaiwa is deliciously evident in their light, flavorful desserts. The handmade pineapple sorbet, made from Maui Gold pineapples, is just one of several creative Japanese-Hawaiian Kaiwa delicacies.

d.k. Steak House

dk-sweetThe “Delmonico” Mudd Pie is a 22-ounce slice of heaven for your taste buds, especially after a savory steak dinner. Indulge your senses with this creamy, perfect balance of Kona coffee and vanilla ice cream, topped with hot fudge and crushed macadamia nuts on a crisp and crumbly oreo cookie crust. You’ll want to save room for this.