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Giovanni Pastrami

Executive Chef Rolando “Royce” Sunga III
Executive Chef Rolando “Royce” Sunga III
Favorite Dish: Meatloaf Loco Moco

While the 20 large HD and 4k-definition TVs with endless sports vie for attention, Chef Royce insists Giovanni Pastrami is “food first.” The menu offers a wide variety of quality, comfort dishes such as New York style deli sandwiches, half-pound burgers, pastas and pizza—even breakfast, served all day. If eggs Benedict is your thing, there are nine savory varieties to tempt your palate. On the sweeter side, the French toast is a homemade bread pudding in a cornflake crust, topped with fresh berries and a coconut rum sauce. Giovanni Pastrami even ventures beyond the standard “bacon and eggs,” offering premium, thickcut gourmet bacon with three local eggs with your choice of side and bread.

Bacon, Tomato, Avocado Benedict
Bacon, Tomato, Avocado Benedict: farm-fresh Hawaiian grade AA eggs, served with rice, hash browns, country fries or sliced tomato.

Hau Tree Lanai

Executive Chef Rene Caba
Executive Chef Rene Caba
Favorite Dish: Furikake Ahi Burger

Hau Tree Lanai is where you go to have it all, with incredibly flavorful breakfast choices, seated beneath Waikiki’s historic hau trees, with a dream-like ocean view across Kaimana Beach. With the soft breeze ruffling the leaves overhead and traces of sand underfoot, it’s a wonder how Chef Rene Caba creates such dynamic flavors to match, but he continues to do so even after more than 20 years.

Chef Rene and his team have earned Hau Tree Lanai the Hale ‘Aina Award, three consecutive OpenTable awards and Honolulu Weekly Reader’s Choice Award for Best Beachside Dining.

Super Kaimana Benedict
Super Kaimana Benedict: all-natural petite filet of beef, foie gràs infused mushroom spread, lobster meat and poached eggs on grilled English muffins topped with hollandaise sauce, served with breakfast potatoes.

MAC 24/7

Executive Chef James Aptakin
Executive Chef James Aptakin
Favorite Dish: Kona Coffee Flan

While other Waikiki restaurants are closed between meals, MAC 24/7 is producing top quality, show-stopping dishes all hours of the day (and night). Just add that to the list of feats accomplished by Food Network award-winning Executive Chef James Aptakin and his crew.

Specializing in American comfort food prepared in a local style with a creative twist, MAC 24/7 ambitiously and successfully creates stunningly flavorful profiles for every meal. With consistently high marks across the board, we asked Chef James what we can look forward to in the seasons to come. “My pupus are still going to be keeping-it-real, upscale, farm-totable, comfort-first, but our breakfasts are going a little more gutsy. We’re known for our breakfast—the quality, ingredients, technique—now we’re going to venture toward a more edgy, nontraditional breakfast menu.” What does he have in mind? He may have mentioned a handful of “cross-breed pancakes,” but you’ll have to visit to discover which creative dishes made the cut. Stop by any time, literally.

Breakfast Pupus
Eggs Florentine Benedict with gluten-free muffins and fire-roasted tomato salsa; Tropical Fruit Plate; Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs with country gravy and breakfast potatoes; Red Velvet Pancakes with maple-bourbon glaze.

Il Lupino

Executive Chef Raymond Cruz
Executive Chef Raymond Cruz
Favorite Dish: Agnello Marinato

Nestled beneath swaying palms, Il Lupino is the gem of the oasis that is The Royal Hawaiian Hotel’s Coconut Grove. With frequent live performances on the outskirts of Il Lupino’s patio, the sophisticated ambiance is a natural complement to the diversity of flavors offered here. This season, Il Lupino welcomes aboard its new Executive Chef, Raymond Cruz, a veteran of the restaurant industry of over 15 years.


Chef Raymond looks forward to adding a personal touch to Il Lupino’s tradition of great, authentic Italian food, “committed to using the freshest local and seasonal ingredients” in every dish, from Il Lupino’s internationally renowned buttermilk pancakes to its homemade tagliatelle pastas, giving each dish a superior taste and texture.

Buttermilk Pancakes
Buttermilk Pancakes: internationally renowned, with maple syrup, fresh berries, whipped cream and a “secret ingredient.”

Heavenly Island Lifestyle

Executive Chef Keigo Yoshimoto
Executive Chef Keigo Yoshimoto
Favorite Dish: Hawaiian Pho Noodles

Locals were surprised last year when the old Mexican dive at the Shoreline Hotel was replaced by an island lifestyle-themed restaurant, and were immediately dazzled by its down-to-earth décor, farm-to-table ingredients, indoor/outdoor seating and, of course, the healthy-yet-flavorful breakfast dishes served all day. It was love at first bite. With combinations of quinoa, salad, fresh-squeezed juice and açai or pittaya (dragonfruit) bowls, Chef Keigo Yoshimoto creates dishes that are healthy, organic, and guaranteed to leave you feeling better than you arrived, like taking the heavy, Hawaii classic Loco Moco and turning into a healthy, feel-good favorite.

Heavenly’s Organic Veggie & Beans Loco Moco
Heavenly’s Organic Veggie & Beans Loco Moco: a perfect, soft egg resting on a beef patty with organic vegetables, beans and black rice.

What’s Cooking?

Trees Restaurant & Bar with Chef Jory Shinn

Chef Jory Shinn
Nestled within the DoubleTree by Hilton Alana Waikiki Hotel is Trees Restaurant & Bar, a warm and welcoming eatery that supplies the entire hotel with breakfast, dinner and in-room dining. With a new chef in town creating eclectic culinary delights, Trees Restaurant & Bar is the perfect summertime destination.


WM: As Chef de Cuisine at Trees Restaurant, what do you have planned?

JS: I want to add an even wider variety of entrées to our existing menu. We’ve made some great changes to the menu selection and given our drinks an upgrade, including putting some favorite beers on tap like Longboard lager, summer ales and IPAs. The service here is excellent already, and that’s something people can always count on.

WM: What is your favorite dish on the menu?

JS: They’re all amazing dishes to me, but the DT burger is the best seller. It’s a 7-ounce beef patty cooked to perfection, with melted bleu cheese, lettuce, tomato and crispy onions served on a warm pretzel bun. It is really delicious. My personal favorite is actually one of the new menu items, the Artisan Pizza. It’s got coppa, chorizo, soppressata and pepperoni; just a wonderful assortment of meats, with a generous portion of fresh mozzarella. Get both if you can!

Chef Jory Shinn has been cooking professionally for 10 years.  Born on the West Coast and raised on Kauai, Chef Jory trained at the Travel Institute of the Pacific and, with his culinary degree in hand, gained invaluable experience at two distinguished locations: the Trump Hotel and The Modern Honolulu. Chef Jory has been the Chef de Cuisine here since December 2014.

WM: What would you say separates Trees Restaurant from other Waikiki dining destinations?

JS: The food here is outstanding since we use fresh, quality ingredients, but I think what truly sets us apart from the rest of Waikiki is the combination of great food and relaxing ambiance.  Other Waikiki venues can be loud and busy, while Trees is perfect for a quality dining experience without the distractions. The warm service we provide here at the DoubleTree with the delicious food and peaceful ambiance is what makes Trees Restaurant a truly unique experience.

DT Burger